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I’m a 42 year old Naturopath, wife, and Mum of 2. 

The MON DIET was written by me FOR me, when I realised I was a ginormous fat fuck with bullshit for energy, niggling health fears and sadness in my heart.


In 17 weeks I dropped 24kg and decided I had to share this wildly successful program with as many mums as possible. 

My program isn’t just about weight-loss, it’s an opportunity to start a whole new life.

ABOUT THE MON DIET Signature Program (online) 

I’ve always hated the weight loss industry 😂 
I still do for the most part...but I love watching my program weave it’s magic on as many mums as possible.  Helping Mums get their groove back or finding a groove they never new they had makes me really fucking happy. 

The MON Diet has a Naturopathic core and is based on the most recent and credible health studies. 

The following 4 principles underpin the program:

* Detoxification
* Anti-inflammatory foods (recipes provided)
* Intermittent fasting
* Fist foods (portion controlled eating)

The program purchase includes:

- Membership to The MON Diet Facebook group
- Recipes (including new additions forever and ever
- Access to practitioner grade supplements 

Your initial health questionnaire arms me with the info I need to safely prescribe your practitioner grade detox and weight loss supplements.  These products are not included in the program cost but Christ on a bike they really take things to the next level. 

Then, you login to 4 user friendly modules that walk you through your detox and weight loss journey. This signature program also includes a comprehensive guide to health and weight maintenance so you never have to worry about being a fat fuck again!!! 


* You WILL lose weight fast. 
* You WILL be healthier, not just thinner. 
* You won’t get bored...the program changes over the weeks 
* You’ll learn how to maintain your goal weight and better health for life. 
* You will own mum life, not just get though it.

There comes a time when you’ve gotta prioritise your health.  If that’s now or yesterday, don’t overthink it...just click here and get the ball rolling. 

Love Mon X


This program is NOT RECOMMENDED during PREGNANCY OR FOR BREASTFEEDING MUMS but don’t worry, your time will come!

Immediately after breastfeeding is the ideal time to start.

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