Creamy Potato Bake

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Creamy Potato Bake

*Never let a recipe limit you. E.g If you don’t like cauliflower leave it out and add more spud! Or switch it for carrot!

This is a good time to re-iterate – don’t be limited by your pre-detox taste-buds! They were dick-heads! Try things again….it would be so sad to miss out on more variety un-necessarily.


I used the detox leeky cauliflower soup instead of cream and cheese. Hit up that recipe first. For this dish, I made the soup about ½ leek ½ cauliflower. I also blended 1 handful of cashews and a few tablespoons of savoury yeast flakes in at the end to boost nutrients and flavor. Now that you’re not detoxing you can make your soup like that all the time!

Another variation would be to leave the cauliflower OUT and make cauli steaks or tofu steaks to use as the main part of the meal. Top with my delicious vegan gravy! Add salad and you’re drowning in drool….and you’ve served your body good nutrition instead of ghastly shit.


o 3 large potatoes cut lengthwise and thin (I used dutch cream but any spud will do) – skin ON mother fuckers

o 1 large sweet potato – cut lengthwise and thin - skin on!

o ½ medium cauliflower – sliced lengthwise a bit thicker than the spuds

o 1 large brown onion – sliced thinly

o 1 large red onion – sliced thinly

o 3 tsp dried basil

o A hefty pinch of Himalayan / celtic sea salt

o Pepper to taste (can you tell I’m a salt fan?)

o Nutritional yeast (also known as savoury yeast flakes)


o Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees

o Throw the potato, onion and cauliflower into a large baking dish (you can layer it if you want to – but be sure to add sauce to the bottom of the baking dish and over each layer)

o Pour over the leeky cauliflower soup – LOTS – a couple of cm above the spud/cauli mixture.

o Sprinkle basil and seasoning

o Mix through well

o Top with sprinkles of nutritional yeast (you could use another type of grated vegan cheese if you wanted)

o Cover and bake for around 1 hour, then remove cover and bake until you get the desire effect on top. (If I was using grated vegan cheese I’d be putting a nice old layer on top)

Serving size – if eating this on it’s own……2-3 times the size of your fist (stop eating when full)

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